You may submit printing copying, and mailing requests with an attached file or files (less than 20 MB total), order 2-color stationery, and/or download printable request forms.

  • The Print Shop  is now located with the Post Office in the Lower Level of the Farinon College Center.

We prefer PDFs

Unless we’ve already spoken to you about your job, PDFs are our preferred format for everything except lists.

Do you want bleeds?

Bleeds are when the ink goes off the edge of your finished prints. None of our equipment can print to the very edge so the only way we can make bleeds is to print your document on a larger sheet and trim it down.

If you used CANVA to make your document, you can easily create bleeds by doing the following:

When you select “PDF to Print”there will be a box in the upper right corner that says “Crop Marks and Bleeds” – Put a check in that box. Then when you get the PDF, look to make sure that when you line up the crop marks, it looks like we are trimming color away from your document on all four sides. If they do, GREAT! Its ready to send. If not, just go back into CANVA and drag your background out a little past the marks so it shows we are trimming ink off your file. If you’re still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to call and we’ll be happy to help you over the phone. 610 330 5015

Please Be Thorough

When filling out any request form, please do so as thoroughly as possible. A properly completed form will facilitate a more correct and timely completion of your work. All of the marked fields must be filled in before submission. You will receive notification of a successfully completed form (as well as an incomplete submission). As always, please call us with any questions.

File Submissions and Upload Size

File attachments larger than 20 MB should be submitted in person or by way of the Google Drive. You can share them with