You may submit printing copying, and mailing requests with an attached file or files (less than 20 MB total), order 2-color stationery, and/or download printable request forms.

Please Be Thorough

When filling out any request form, please do so as thoroughly as possible. A properly completed form will facilitate a more correct and timely completion of your work. All of the marked fields must be filled in before submission. You will receive notification of a successfully completed form (as well as an incomplete submission). As always, please call us with any questions.

File Submissions and Upload Size

File attachments larger than 20 MB should be submitted in person or by way of the P Drive on the Lafayette network.

Pre-printed Request Forms

Printing and Copy Services prints both requisition and 2-color stationery order forms for your request needs. These can be picked up in person or requested by phone or email.